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Idaho Springs – Boulder

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2 days, 1 night, 4 meals, all equipment included, just bring your vehicle.

This excursions begins in Castle Rock Colorado, and will travel through old mining country to a popular gambling town in the mountains. There is a lot of history along this intermediate, backcountry drive. You’ll be able to see old cemeteries, and several historic structures including old mining camps and ghost towns. The route offers a lot of twists and turns on fun trails. You will camp in a scenic valley. Day 2 gets more challenging as the trails have more obstacles and also more incredible views. There will be some rocky climbs, some mud, and even some creek crossings. You will get to experience the intermediate sections of the famous Switzerland trail. The excursion continues into and through Boulder Colorado, then heads south back to Castle Rock. 

This excursion totals 200 miles of which 70 are on dirt. 


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