Get your parts directly from Off-RoadX as we now offer over Millions parts to upgrade your vehicle with!

Off-RoadX takes photographs and videos of all of our excursions. We use this content for our website and social media pages. If you would like us to create a custom video of your excursion, please contact us and we will work with you on a special video package.

The price includes the driver and one passenger, each additional passenger is $100 extra.

Your well-maintained street-licensed vehicle, a matching size spare tire and wheel in good condition, full washer fluid, tie downs (for your cargo), pillow, snacks, clothes, toiletries, and most importantly a great attitude!

Do not bring any camping gear, tools, jack, recovery gear, weapons, food (beyond snacks), or anything heavy that is not tied down (inside or outside your vehicle).

To create epic memories while exploring the great outdoors! For your vehicle, you should expect that it will get dirty, and may get light scratches from brush. Anything can happen, prepare for the worst and expect the best!

It depends on the excursion, your skill, and the weather. If you are unsure, just ask. We would love to hear from you!

Our guides are experienced in making trail repairs and are equipped with all the tools and equipment necessary to fix minor issues. However, if your vehicle needs major repairs, our guides will do everything in their power to get your vehicle off of the trail and to a pickup location for a tow truck. If you are unable to continue the tour because of vehicle damage, our staff will help get you and your vehicle home safely, and will get you rescheduled for another excursion in the future.

Not at this time. Most major rental companies at Denver International Airport provide 4X4 options. We recommend getting the extra insurance, just in case something were to happen. There are several other rental outfits in the Denver and Colorado Springs metro areas with great 4X4 options.

Our excursions provide an unparalleled opportunity to witness the amazing wildlife the wilderness has to offer. Your vehicle is the safest location in remote areas. Our guides also bring bear-safe coolers, and will advise you on what to do and how to act if and when we encounter wildlife. We do not approach, feed, or antagonize wildlife on our excursions.

We will gladly help you get to our location and get home. We will advise you as to the best local options for hotels and flights, but you will need to purchase those separately. Hotels may only be needed for the day before or the day after your excursion.

We meet at 8:00 a.m. for introductions, a vehicle inspection, and a driver meeting.

It depends on the excursion, however, most of our trips conclude around 5:00 p.m. on the last day.

We can customize an excursion to meet your needs and schedule. If one of our pre-scheduled trips do not work for your schedule, or if you want to personalize your excursion, then we can either schedule one of our tours during a time that works for you, or create a truly exclusive custom adventure. Simply contact us with your idea, and we will set up a time to chat about the details (including trail descriptions, vehicle requirements and recommendations, and driver skill). Then, we will curate an epic excursion for you and your group.

For most of our excursions, we will still go. Off-Road excursions are always better with a little adversity; however, in some rare circumstances we will postpone or cancel a trip.

We will contact you about the canceled excursion and see if we can reschedule. If this will not work, we will issue you a refund.

  1. For most circumstances, yes; however, custom excursions take a considerable effort to create and have a $100 cancelation fee.
  2. Also, we do not provide refunds if canceled within 7 days of the excursion. However, we will work with our customers, so please contact us.
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